The Smart Company

The Human Solution - Should You Bother?

Traditionally, organisations have looked to system or structure driven solutions to productivity challenges often ignoring or marginalising the ‘human’ element of the equation. We sense that this attitude is changing because of the following ‘push and pull’ influences.

How Healthy Is Your Organisation?

Sick organisations suffer from : -

  • High attrition rates
  • Reduced efficiency
  • Low Morale
  • Sickness and stress
  • Unnecessary absenteeism
  • High accident rates
  • Poor attitudes to colleagues, customers and staff
  • Below optimum performance
  • Vulnerability to litigation

The Ultimate Cost - Impaired productivity and reduced profits.

We believe that these can be addressed in a robust and impactive manner. We enable a company to measure their cultural health and the motivational quotient of their employees at a given time and then apply effective, proven and innovative remedies to maximise their competitive potential and staff wellbeing.

The processes we employ would provide you with detailed management information, involving minimal disruption, giving you real options and insights to make sound decisions determining your company’s future.

We are certain that our approach and expertise would make a difference and we would welcome the opportunity to discuss this with you.

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