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The art of communication – or not?

Whether professional or on a personal level words, whether spoken or written, when communicated in an incorrect fashion can convey much misunderstanding and misperception preventing us from communicating effectively. We have designed this workshop for all employee levels to change, empower, master and improve their professional and personal relationships in both verbal and the written word.

An ounce of image is worth...

First impressions do count in today’s competitive business world where first impressions are crucial. It is important to consider and improve upon the image you are projecting both as company and as an individual – your image can portray who you are whether face to face sales/customer service or shop floor in professional and personal life. In this one day session we focus on a professional image, body language and confidence in public speaking. Working with groups and individuals, tailored workshops and sessions to develop confidence at all levels. Look, feel and be great. Staff can exude confidence and will be more productive and develop an effective presence in business situations enhancing an individual’s and company’s reputation.

Overcome and handle objections

HOW TO TURN OBJECTIONS INTO SELLING OPPORTUNITIES - This new one-day session will show you how to overcome objections effectively and begin by learning how to use a proven questioning techniques to determine if the objection you are hearing is the real one, cushion that objection, clarify it and search for additional hidden objections. Once you find out the real objections, you will learn to use the methods to overcome the problem and match these methods correctly to the category of objection to ensure that you can move successfully towards the sale or solution.

Performance Skills Reviews

The key skill is to recognise the feelings of employees at all levels and use the information in the decision making on performance and further progress. The review on skills is an opportunity to raise awareness about performance, whatever it might be, leading to an improved performance in the future. Skilled use of discussion and questioning is the best aid in the learning process.

We run sessions, working with groups and individuals (geared towards senior managers and HR Professionals) providing matrices and specific questions, both closed and open, which will give the receiver the opportunity to answer the questioner with what they are looking for without the receiver feeling that they have been manipulated. If they find the answer themselves they will become more confident and committed. These concepts and techniques will provide the better approach when commitment and motivation are important to performance.

Personality in the workplace and business

We need necessary insight and understanding of behavioural types and patterns in order to analyse and develop performance more effectively by using psychological understanding and techniques to help achieve success. Organisations will achieve this through their people with the right skills sets.

In this workshop individuals will learn to understand personality theory and understand the four basic personality types and how to identify them. Delegates will get to know the strengths and limitations of each behaviourial type. Learn how to interact, influence and communicate effectively with each type. Learn how to identify sources of conflict between the types and how to lessen or avoid it. You will learn to recognise situations and gain a chameleon like adapatability!

Business Improvement

After in-depth consultation on your organisation’s managerial culture and the psychological wellbeing and morale of your workforce a report will be produced of what needs to be done in order to enhance and improve your organisation’s health and suggested potential solutions put in place. Healthy and happy employees mean healthy organisations. People are your greatest asset and when at their best create a successful organisation.

Interviews Techniques

A one day course for individuals and Government funded bodies incorporating preparation, creating the right impression through image projection, body language and speaking in public, asking appropriate questions and traditional job interview sample questions. Proper Planning Prevents Poor Performance therefore the whole interview process will be much easier making it a positive opportunity and outcome for individuals.

Telephone Sales Techniques

This one day course is an introduction to the skills and knowledge in which delegates will learn how to recognise the role and impact of good verbal skills. Communicate clearly and effectively with both internal and external customers and how to achieve professional results when using the phone. You will learn how to deal confidently with all kinds of customer enquiries and complaints. Course designed for reception, frontline, administration and/or technical people.

Diversity, inclusiveness and ergonomics in the workplace

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